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If you’re in a category that’s even remotely competitive it can be a real challenge to have your site found in key searches. Get your site found on search.

Lawyers know how competitive their industry can be. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) allows legal professionals to thrive in a competitive and fast-paced industry.

SEO is a complex and ever-changing field. Ultimately, it’s about ensuring that search engines are able to understand your website, and that your website communicates what your audience is looking for.

On-site SEO

Also known as on-page SEO, this is the practice of optimizing a website so that search engines can understand your message. It involves both optimizing the website’s code and its content.

On-site SEO also helps people who find your website know what it’s about once they get there.

Website Structure

Many websites are disorganized and messy – it’s an expected outcome of sporadic marketing efforts. That disorganization makes it hard for potential customers to sift through valuable information and may even cause them to leave your page. On top of writing effective SEO content, we can also help with creating a website structure that is welcoming, improves the user experience, and ensures your SEO strategy doesn’t go to waste.


Our talented copywriters are ready to tackle trending keywords in your industry and news events that may be adjacent to lawyers’ needs. Their pieces will ensure your webpage remains visible and enjoys high rankings.


SEO keywords do well in websites that load quickly. You can lose up to 50% of people if your website takes 5 seconds to load or longer. As part of our services, we help you find ways to speed up your website’s loading time so you won’t break lose a potential client.

Technical SEO

An often-neglected part of many SEO strategies, we focus on technical SEO so that search engines can index your website properly. To accomplish this, we fix your broken links, fix orphan pages, and add breadcrumbs, which are secondary ways for other people to navigate the website.

Local SEO

This type of SEO helps ensure your website targets a particular geographic location. It allows people in your town, city, or province to find your business or services.

Local citations

Another technique we use to improve your SEO is the inclusion of local citations. These are references to businesses that appear on web directories, lists, or search engines. We can help you manage the many directories available online to make sure your citations are correct.

Google My Business (GMB)

GMB belongs to Google, and it’s a service that lets businesses manage the information Google shows people about your business. It’s a simple management tool that can help people find you and turn them into paying clients. Unlike local citations, this is meant to assist with searches on Google typed as “lawyers near me” or “legal services near me.” If someone is near your location, your business should be one of the first to pop up on this type of search result.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Examples of Search Engine Marketing include Google Adwords or pay-per-click advertising. They’re paid placements in relevant search results for your firm. You’ve probably seen several ads appear on top of Google results; this is an example of SEM in action.

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