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A free one-hour introductory consultation is a no-risk opportunity to describe the marketing challenges your firm is facing. In return, we’ll let you know what we can see about what you’re doing and if we see big opportunities for you.

All consultations are virtual and are conducted by the firm principal using Google Meet. Taylor brings over 25 years of digital marketing and design experience to his work, so you can rest assured you’ll be speaking to an experienced professional.

During the consult, we will share the findings of our Essential Firm Audit. This report serves as a jumping-off point for discussions about what your firm is doing right and where it needs to improve. The Essential Firm Audit explores your firm’s activities in four key areas:

  1. Website Performance
  2. Search Engine Optimization
  3. Social Media
  4. Brand Design

This consultation is your next step if you are:

  • The managing partner at your firm;
  • Ready to stop sweating the minutiae of your firm’s marketing;
  • Looking to get an honest assessment of where your firm is at right now;
  • Ready to step up your firm’s efforts;
  • Want to reposition your firm as the market leader.

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