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We form long-term relationships with our clients, and we take good care of them. We ask questions and listen to answers; to understand your business, and the challenges you’re facing. Then we bring our talents for design and marketing to bear on those problems.

Whether your day is made up of tax codes, spreadsheets, or legal opinions, questions about website hosting shouldn’t be on your plate — it belongs on ours. And that’s the philosophy we bring to all our clients: we’ll handle our jobs, so you’re free to do yours.

After our initial discovery and setup, our work settles into ongoing weekly and monthly tasks.

Billing Structure

Our billing occurs monthly, primarily according to the service agreement we establish with you. From time-to-time you may have an additional project that requires special attention, which would be billed separately.

This means you enjoy predictable billing and a set monthly expense for your marketing. Rather than multi-annual projects conducted on an ad-hoc basis, your marketing efforts will be sustained consistently by a partner that’s had the time to get to know you.